At the beginning of True Italian Taste project, Milano has been protagonist with Assocamerestero and Promos, in occasion of a “Business marathon of food”. Where? At Palazzo Giureconsulti, in the mercantile heart of the city, with an intense 2 days of B2B meetings involving more than 100 companies – mostly from Lombardy, but also from other regions - and 16 selected buyers from Germany, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg.

This movements of people and initiatives not only underlines the importance of European markets for Italian agri-food sector, but also, more specifically, the relevance of a systemic project which is focused on knowing and marketing authentic Italian products. Just think that on a National basis, the Italian food Exchange with the above mentioned countries accounted for 16 billion in the first half of 2017 and namely, 7.8 billion of export and 8 of import. The starring products? Cheese, chocolates, coffee, condiments, wine, cured meats. All of them, food excellences with a strong cultural identity.

A taste of press review on this True Italian Taste Europe event:

viedelgusto.it_20171114_True Italian Taste Europe: “A Milano va in scena la “Business maratona del food” promossa da Assocamerestero. Oltre 100 aziende italiane protagoniste”

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