In collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy, at the theater of the Consulate General of Italy, in front of an audience of over 50 people, a tasting was organized to promote the knowledge of 100% Made in Italy. In particular, they wanted to make evident the nutritional characteristics of certified products with those of common products and the importance of reading the labels to counter the phenomenon of Italian Sounding. The tasting was anticipated by a conference conducted by Fiorella Pierobon, former presenter of Canale 5. After the greetings of the Consul General of Italy at NIzza, Raffaele De Benedictis, who reiterated the importance of the project to support and protect the authentic Italian product, and the Councilor for the City of Nice, Laurence Navalesi, intervened: Caterina Luchetti and Massimo Felici, founders of the Blog; Patrizia Dalmasso, President of the Chamber; Alessandro Orefice, nutritionist and athletic trainer.