At the headquarters of CETT, International Training Campus in the field of tourism, catering and gastronomy, was held a Masterclass led by Pietro Leonetti, owner of the restaurant "Le cucine mangiarosso", and Ivan Musto, owner of the company "Sabores de Italia" , importer of Italian products. The aim of the Masterclass, intended for future chefs, the knowledge of authentic Italian gastronomy and the importance of countering the phenomenon of Italian Sounding. The Masterclass opened with a brief introduction on the Italian Sounding phenomenon and on the True Italian Taste campaign with the aim of underlining the importance of the production and consumption of PDO and PGI products, protecting the quality, tradition and territory of origin. The chef Pietro Leonetti gave the possibility to the students to know the different types of flour, to assist in the preparation of fresh pasta, concluding with a tasting of PDO Gragnano paccheri with San Marzano PDO tomatoes, eggplant timbale and buffalo mozzarella PDO and a dessert made with ricotta, pear and hazelnuts from Piedmont PDO. Ivan Musto emphasized the importance of concepts such as research, selection and quality of products, as well as methods of production, conservation and use, narrating the traditions of each PDOand PGI presented.