At the Massimo Restaurant in Barcelona, ​​within the True Italian Taste Europe project designed to combat the Italian Sounding phenomenon and to defend the true Made in Italy, a dinner was organized with authentic Italian PDO and PGI products.

The dinner, signed by Ospitalità Italiana, was an important event that brought together professionals, industry influencers and final consumers. The culatello of Zibello, the salami of Varzi PDO, the porchetta PGI of Ariccia, the burrata, the smoked mozzarella of bufala PDO, the sweet gorgonzola PDO, the Capasone di Grotta (winner Italian Cheese Awards 2017), the risotto PGI of the delta of the Po and lemon squid, all accompanied by prestigious wines such as Prosecco, PDO, Nero d'Avola DOC and Vermentino di Sardegna PDO, were the true protagonists of the evening, giving rise to a menu of the highest quality.