Within the "True Italian Taste" project (www.trueitaliantaste.com), in Bologna, at the Savoia Regency hotel, 900 B2B business meetings were held for companies in the agri-food sector. Promoted by Assocamerestero and Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, 113 companies from Emilia-Romagna have participated.

Particular focus on the organic sector and on the fight against Italian Sounding, a phenomenon that feeds a turnover of about 60 billion euros a year, including the damage caused by the agro-piracy. Special attention has been paid to certified agro-food products, which are increasingly in demand all over the world. Italy can count on 818 Geographical Indications registered at European level, almost 15 billion of value for production, which translates into 8.4 billion worth of export, or 11% of the food industry and 28% of national agri-food exports.

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