As part of the True Italian Taste Europe project, two days of meetings were held in Bari organized by Assocamerestero in collaboration with Unioncamere Puglia, under the banner of the agri-food business: about 300 B2B appointments between local companies and foreign buyers selected by the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad from Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland.

Over 60 Apulian companies in the food sector (extra virgin olive oil, coffee, bakery products, pasta, cheese, preserves and sauces) to check export possibilities in Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland - among the first destinations for Italian food products - thanks to business meetings with 12 importers and distributors operating in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce and sectors, for medium and high range products.

"The agri-food sector in Puglia employs 32 thousand people - said Luigi Triggiani, Secretary General of Unioncamere Puglia - and has a total of 5,931 processing and beverage production industries, 20 PDOs and IGPs. All of these companies are targeting foreign markets, with the necessary certifications. The meeting in Bari offers an important opportunity, especially for small businesses, to introduce new markets or consolidate its presence”.

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