True Italian Taste Europe. Incoming agrifood buyers in the Marche Region. 18 and 19 June 2018 in Ancona and Fermo: an important "two days", full of business meetings. It was the European agenda of agri-food business for the True Italian Taste Europe project. This Incoming, with its many customized meetings, has been the largest ever in the Marche Region and offered almost 400 B2B appointments between local companies and foreign buyers selected by the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad of Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland.

The event, organized by Assocamerestero in collaboration with Marchet - the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona - and the Fermo Chamber of Commerce, involved 78 companies from the Marche Region and 13 foreign buyers who had a first hand experience of the authentic excellence in the regional agri-food industry, thus helping Italian companies to promote such excellence in the foreign markets.

Beyond our live activity on the project's social networks Facebook and Instagram, a taste of press review on this True Italian Taste Europe event:

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