In Manchester at Salvi’s Mozzarella Bar an event dedicated to the influencers who love food or just want to know more about the authentic Italian food. The aim of the event, part of the ministerial project "The Extraordinary Italian Taste", is to fight the diffusion of the so-called "Italian Sounding" phenomenon. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (aka EVOO), as a product, is one of the most affected by "Italian Sounding" imitations in the UK.

The event featured two parts: an “Olive oil tasting” with the olive oil sommelier Judy Ridgway, author of specialistic books, the most known of which is is "Around the world with olive oil". With her, the various influencers attending the event the evening had the opportunity to taste a range of exquisite olive oils. The second part was an “Italian food tasting” officiated by Chef Cecco, who explained the importance of PDO and PGI certifications and the phenomenon of Italian Sounding. Among the guests from the press, Metro and Manchester Evening News were present.