In Manchester, a Masterclass was held for 16 future chefs from Trafford College. For an audience of 16 students and two professors, the gelato master Simona Ferraioli and Chef Maurizio Cecco explained the importance of the PDO and PGI certifications and the widespread phenomenon of "Italian Sounding".

The event included cooking and tasting recipes made with certified Italian products, and participants being invited to recognize and identify the differences between genuine VS imitated.

Chef Maurizio Cecco explained what is meant by "PDO, IPG and AOC certification", focusing on the features a product must have to be certified. This approach, i.e. explanation with tasting, is the most convincing way to fight the Italian Sounding. Students have infact directly tasted the authentic italian products, thus recognizing those certified and those not.

During the second part of the Masterclass, through technical tastings, the class has been made more aware of the differences between authentic and imitated products in terms of qualitative, visual, olfactive and gustative characteristics. Among the products, Aceto Balsamico di Modena IPG, regional varieties of tomatoes, cantuccini biscuits IPG from Tuscany, cheese and ham.