On Friday February 9, chef Paolo Lopriore together with the teaching director Matteo Berti went to the Paul Bocuse Institute for a masterclass on Italian cuisine. In this lesson, the chef created two dishes, both emblematic for the philosophy of ALMA - the haute cuisine school inspired by Gualtiero Marchesi - and for Italian culinary identity. Specifically, the chef from Appiano Gentile (Como Lake region) selected: Lombard Spaghetti and Italian risotto.

This activity was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon as part of the "EXTRAORDINARY ITALIAN TASTE" project promoted by MAECI for the fight against "Italian sounding".

"There are products whose packs full of references to Italy can also gratify the eyes, but in reality they have no connection with the history of our territory and the vision of who produced it" says Mirco Iadarola, Secretary General of the Chamber of Italian Commerce of Lyon, which adds "more and more Italian products are the object of imitation by producers with few scruples.This is the so-called phenomenon of" Italian Sounding ", that is the use of an image of the product aimed at making believing in an Italian origin that does not really exist, thus misleading French consumers, so the promotion abroad through activities such as master classes and the tasting of real Italian is a very effective weapon "