At Alimentaria-Barcelona, also showcookings have been a compelling medium. In particular, an experience-based medium to support companies and institutions that rely on the True Italian Taste Europe project in defense of genuine Made in Italy against Italian Sounding. "100% Authentic" showcooking used a selection of Italian PDO and PGI products from companies exhibiting in the Italian area. The Cámara de Comercio Italiana-Barcelona and the Cámara de Comercio e Industria Italiana para España organized a series of 100% authentic showcookings, aiming to promote and create experience and awareness not only of the true Italian product, but also of its elaboration in typical traditional recipes. Showcookings were conducted by chef Alessandro Castro and chef Gianluca de Angelis from his "Ospitalità Italiana” certified restaurant.

A taste of press review on this True Italian Taste Europe event:

Ilgiornaleitaliano.net_20180407_True Italian Taste Europe: "Alimentaria 2018: un’importante vetrina per l’enogastronomia italiana"