At the Maison Sensi, chef Valentina Laudonia conducted a tasting of Sicilian PGI, AOC and PDO products. In addition to tasting, in the open space of the Maison, a show cooking took place with the protagonists of the Sicilian artisanal confectionery products.

The evening started with a practical demonstration on the preparation of Sicilian cannoli. Starting from the original recipe and using strictly Made in Italy products, some participants were able to prepare the classic Sicilian sweets and then taste them. Subsequently, some guided tastings were presented to illustrate the "authentic tastes" of Sicily. What did it taste? Sicilian peppers, zucchini with ricotta, arancini, rolls with aubergines, cheeses from Ragusa, pasta with sardines.

Each dish proposed was accompanied by a narrative about its history, its best use, how it is consumed in Sicily, also mentioning how often the same recipe can vary from city to city. An important occasion for the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce Matteo Lazzarini to present the True Italian Taste project.