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Gnocchi with Castelmagno PDO


The recipe

Ingredients (for 6 people):

Potatoes: 1 kg
Wheat flour: 400 g
Castelmagno PDO: 200 g
Cream: 200 g
Butter: 80 g
Extra virgin olive oil: 1 tbsp

Boil potatoes in plenty of salted water. When cooked, peel potatoes and force through a sieve.
Add extra virgin olive oil and then gradually add flour, kneading to obtain a smooth dough that is not sticky.
Divide the dough into pieces and roll them into an elongated shape, the size of a breadstick. Cut the sticks into pieces two centimetres long and cook them in salted boiling water.
Remove the gnocchi from the water as they float to the surface, and put them into a large frying pan in which you have browned the butter.
Add the Castelmagno PDO cheese cut into squares, add cream, and sprinkle with pepper. Mix well and heat on the flame until the cheese has completely melted.
Transfer to an oven dish and put in the oven for five minutes.

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