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Puff pastry with Mushrooms and Asiago cheese PDO


The recipe

Ingredients (for 2 people):

Fresh porcini mushrooms: 300 g
Chanterelle mushrooms: 300 g
One tablespoon of garlic and parsley pesto
Asiago PDO Fresco cheese cut into cubes: 100 g
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Knobs of butter: 2
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste
One roll of puff pastry

Thoroughly wash the mushrooms, separately and still whole. Cut the porcini into slices and the chanterelle mushrooms into small pieces. Prepare two pans each containing oil, butter and a pesto of parsley and garlic. Let them brown a little. Put the chanterelle mushrooms into one of the two pans, add salt and pepper and cook them at a high flame, stirring them until they absorb all the water that comes out during cooking. They must appear dry and soft. Put the porcini with salt and pepper into the other pan and sauté them for about 15 minutes. These too must appear dry and soft. Spread the puff pastry over a sheet of oven paper, distribute the chanterelle mushrooms, then the porcini and finally the PDO Asiago cheese. Roll up with the help of the paper, close the edges, brush with a little milk and place in the oven at 175° for 35-40 minutes. Slightly open the oven door and let it cool a little. Then remove from the oven and slice.

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