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Risotto with Radicchio Rosso of Treviso PGI


The recipe


Vegetable stock: to taste
Vialone Nano Rice: 800 g
Radicchio Rosso of Treviso PGI: 400 g
Dry white wine: 80 g
Chopped onion
Extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon
Fine grain salt
Black pepper

Julienne the Radicchio Rosso of Treviso PGI and chop the onion.
Soften the onion in the extra virgin olive oil and braise the radicchio.
Add the rice and toast for about forty seconds.
Pour over the white wine, allowing it to evaporate, then season with salt and pepper.
While continuing to stir, add a little of the piping hot stock at a time and leave to cook for about a quarter of an hour.
Remove from the heat and cream with the butter then cover with a lid and leave to rest for a minute.
Add a few tablespoons of hot stock and serve.

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