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Torrone semifreddo (nougat parfait) with fondant chocolate sauce


The recipe

Recipe Courtesy by Chef Diego Solazzo, Ristorante Antiche Volte.

Egg yolk: 100 g
Egg: 150 g
Sugar: 250 g
Soft chocolate torrone : 300 g
whipped cream: 1kg
Chocolate sauce
Water: 1l
Glucose: 200 g
Sugar: 200 g
Cocoa: 500 g
Dark chocolate: 200 g

Instructions for the chocolate sauce
Boil all the ingredients for at least 5 min.
Serve cold.

Instructions for the semifreddo
In a food mixer whisk the eggs, egg yolk and sugar.
Very carefully add the crumbled torrone, without curdling the mixture.
Then add the whipped cream with a plastic spatula. Transfer the mixture to silicone moulds and freeze at a temperature of -18°C.
Once frozen, remove from the moulds and serve with the chocolate sauce.

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